Vein treatments

Our vein clinic specialises in all aspects of venous disease treatment, including many common conditions such as varicose veins, spider veins, venous ulcers, pelvic varicosities and varicocele.


This safe, minimally invasive and virtually painless procedure has a high success rate in the treatment of small varicose veins and spider veins. Following an initial consultation with one of our consultants, a simple and discreet procedure takes place at our clinic, typically in under 30 minutes.

A tiny needle (which is so small, patients often report the treatment is pain free or only slightly painful) administers a solution into the vein, causing it to become almost invisible.

The total number of your veins treated during a single session depends upon the size and location of your veins, as well as the overall medical health of each patient. Follow-up treatments may be required, but this will be assessed by our consultant and scheduled at least four weeks after the initial treatment, to ensure the results are accurately evaluated.

Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT)

This is an attractive alternative to traditional surgical options when treating varicose veins. It utilises ultrasound technology for a virtually painless experience and rapid healing time for patients.

Performed under a local anaesthetic, the procedure involves the precise incision of a thin laser fibre (measuring less than 1mm in diameter) into the vein, under the guidance of real-time ultrasound, which is then followed by the application of laser energy which heats then closes the veins.

The treatment is usually completed in well under an hour, with patients able to return home the same day. You may experience very minimal bruising and tightness of the skin while the veins shrink and become absorbed by your body, but this should not affect your ability to resume your usual daily activities within a day or two.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

RFA offers patients another alternative to traditional surgical procedures. It ensures a virtually pain-free experience with minimum recovery time.

Performed under a local anaesthetic, a catheter is inserted into the vein, under ultrasound guidance. Radiofrequency energy is then used to heat the vein tissue, closing it and eventually sealing it shut, therefore ending the abnormal reflux of blood.

Patients can return home the same day and, because post-procedure discomfort is dramatically less than it would be following surgery, you can resume your usual daily activities within a day or two.

The medium and long-term results of RFA and EVLT are identical, but the minor differences in the treatments mean that patients are usually better suited to either one or the other.

VenaSeal Closure system (Medical Glue)

At the Harley Street Vein Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering the very latest innovations in the treatment of vein disease, and the VenaSeal closure system is leading the way when it comes to advanced procedures.

The cutting-edge treatment negates the need for heat-based application to the veins, making it one of the safest and most efficient options available. Instead, a small amount of medical glue is placed into the vein via a tiny catheter, which then shuts the vein down and reroutes blood through alternative healthy veins within the leg.

As the procedure is pain free, patients do not require the use of a local anaesthetic, nor is there any need for the use of compression socks following treatment. Recovery time is also greatly reduced, meaning you will be free to pursue your usual daily activities more quickly.


Occasionally we recommend microphlebectomy (also known as ambulatory phlebotomy) to patients if we feel other treatment options are not the best fit for their requirements.

Microphlebectomy is a minor surgical technique usually performed as an in-clinic procedure under local anaesthetic. During the treatment, the veins are removed through one or several pinhole punctures, which are so discreet that stitches are usually not necessary. Recovery time is quick, and patients are normally can go home on the same day.

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Advantages of RFA and EVLT over Surgery

Both RFA and EVLT get rid of varicose veins just like surgery. The main advantage is that these modern treatments are performed under local anaesthetic as outpatient key hole procedures, with no cuts or scars; delivering excellent success rates, patient satisfaction and earlier return to work.