Self-funding price list

The most common treatment we offer in our clinic is EVLT which is minimally invasive non-surgical endovenous laser treatment of varicose veins. All patients will need an assessment of their varicose veins to determine the best way to treat them. This assessment includes a clinical examination of varicose veins and performing an ultrasound scan. The total cost for this assessment including the scan is £250 and the consultation will take approximately 45 minutes. At the end of the consultation, you will be provided with a treatment plan and an estimate of the cost of your treatment. Rest assured our treatment prices are fixed and very competitive even compared to similar clinics practising outside Harley Street.





Ultrasound scan


EVLT one leg, single vein trunk (fixed price)


EVLT one leg, more than one vein trunk (fixed price)


EVLT two legs, single vein trunk (fixed price)


EVLT two legs, more than one vein trunk


Follow up appointment


Sclerotherapy (if required)


The price list below is for other treatments offered at our clinic



RF ablation (One leg)



RF ablation (Two legs)



Foam sclerotherapy


Additional sessions of foam sclerotherapy




Venaseal (medical glue) one leg


Venaseal (medical glue) two legs


Ambulatory phlebectomy (One leg)


Ambulatory phlebectomy (Two legs)


Open ligation (One leg)


Open ligation (Two legs)


Insured patients

These differ in price from the self-funding fees, and depend on the insurance company. Please call us to ensure that your insurance is accepted by our clinic.